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Creature Companion Feats

Regardless of the way you gain a creature companion, granting your companion additional actions requires the Creature Companion Adept feat. You can become progressively better at working with your creature companion by taking subsequent creature companion feats.
You can use the creature companion feats listed here only with a creature companion whose level is no greater than your ranks in Survival.

Combat-Trained MountSurvival 1 rankYou work fluidly with your creature companion mount.AA3 p.140
Creature Companion AdeptSurvival 1 rankYou can grant your creature companion simple actions.AA3 p.140
Creature Companion ExpertCreature Companion Adept, Survival 4 ranksYour control of your creature companion improves.AA3 p.140
Creature Companion MasterCreature Companion Expert, Survival 10 ranksYour bond with your companion deepens, allowing it to anticipate your commands.AA3 p.140
Creature Companion VirtuosoCreature Companion Master, Survival 13 ranksYour creature companion can unleash its fury unbidden.AA3 p.140
Mounted ExpertCombat-Trained Mount, Survival 5 ranksWhile mounted, you exhibit exceptional control over not just your creature companion but also yourself.AA3 p.140

Creature Companion Equipment

Most creature companions can’t use standard equipment, including weapons, armor, augmentations, and so forth. The following equipment is widely available and designed specifically for use with creature companions, accommodating virtually every kind and size of creature. Most adventurers purchase an environmental field collar to protect their companion from any hazards—expected or otherwise.

Technological Items
Environmental field collar, small or smaller110Environmental field collars, or EF collars, are a common form of protection for creature companions that accompany their owners into dangerous situations.AA3 p.147
Environmental field collar, medium125AA3 p.147
Environmental field collar, large175AA3 p.147
Environmental field collar, huge or larger1300AA3 p.147
Armor Upgrades
Pet carrier1100The pet carrier armor upgrade takes one upgrade slot and provides space for one Tiny, two Diminutive, or four Fine creatures to take refuge in your armor.AA2 p.119, AA3 p.147
Personal Items
Riding saddle, small or smaller110Riding saddles come in a wide range of styles and configurations, but all are meant to allow a rider to work in concert with a mount.AA3 p.147
Riding saddle, medium125AA3 p.147
Riding saddle, large175AA3 p.147
Riding saddle, huge or larger1300AA3 p.147

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