The Hidden Truth

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General Feats

Accelerated RecoveryCon 13Recover more quickly during an 8-hour restCOM p.112
Adaptive CastingKey ability score 19, caster level 7Select three additional spells known; cast one of them once a dayCOM p.112
Adaptive ResistanceEnhanced Resistance, base attack bonus +4, early stage adaptation racial traitYour training enables you to adapt and evolve formidable temporary defenses.3C05 p.44
Adaptive UpgradeInt 19, Engineering 10 ranksTemporarily create low-level armor upgradesCOM p.112
Agile CastingKey ability score 15, Dex 15, Mobility, caster level 4thCast a spell at any point during movementCRB p.155
Agile SwimmerRacial swim speedYou can turn while swimming without extra movementFF03 p.48
Alien HerbalismLife Science 5 ranks, Survival 5 ranksBy gathering natural ingredients, you can create life-saving medicines.GEM p.71
All Hands on DeckFour or more armsMany hands make light work.COM p.20
AntagonizeDiplomacy 5 ranks, Intimidate 5 ranksAnger a foe, causing it to become off-target and take a -2 penalty to skill checks for 1 round or moreCRB p.155
Apt MentorLife Science or Physical Science 5 ranksCan automatically succeed at certain aids 3 times a day.NSP p.132
Arm ExtensionsConstructed racial trait or construct typeYou have special devices installed into your arms that allow you to extend them great distances.COM p.17
Bird's Eye ViewBase attack bonus +8While You're in the air, you use your advantageous altitude to your favor.GEM p.51
Blood of the SpiderRacial trait that grants a spell-like abilitySomething in your ancestry has strengthened your innate magic and given it an arachnid twist.NSP p.130
Borrowed VitalityMysticism 5 ranksBy sapping nearby flora, you can protect your own lifeforce.GEM p.71
Bud DroneDrone class feature, adaptation or early stage adaptation racial traitYou have used your unique biology to bud off a biological drone you can more easily integrate with.3C05 p.44
Climbing MasterAthletics 5 ranksGain a climb speed equal to your base speedCRB p.155
Combat-Trained MountSurvival 1 rankYou work fluidly with your creature companion mount.AA3 p.140
Complex AdaptationLife Science 5 ranks, early stage adaptation racial traitWith understanding and experience, you can manipulate your genetics to gain unexpected secondary effects.3C05 p.44
Connection InklingWis 15, character level 5th, no levels in mystic.Gain the ability to cast minor mystic spellsCRB p.156
Corruption's GiftOne or more corruption manifestations (see pages 40-45 of Starfinder Adventure Path #10: The Diaspora Strain)Gain permanent manifestation giftSS3 p.52
Cosmic TruthWis 15, Bluff 5 ranks, Mysticism 5 ranksReveal a cosmic truth that makes one target who fails a Will save confused for 1d4 roundsCOM p.113
Creature Companion AdeptSurvival 1 rankYou can grant your creature companion simple actions.AA3 p.140
Creature Companion ExpertCreature Companion Adept, Survival 4 ranksYour control of your creature companion improves.AA3 p.140
Creature Companion MasterCreature Companion Expert, Survival 10 ranksYour bond with your companion deepens, allowing it to anticipate your commands.AA3 p.140
Creature Companion VirtuosoCreature Companion Master, Survival 13 ranksYour creature companion can unleash its fury unbidden.AA3 p.140
Cultural ChameleonYou can tap into the local zeitgeist to win friends and influence people.GEM p.91
Deadly BoastCha 19, Bluff 10 ranksMake an attack or effect sound so impressive that foes have a harder time defending against itCOM p.113
DiehardYou can spend Resolve Points to stabilize and to stay in the fight in the same roundCRB p.156
Diligent SearcherPerception 1 rank+1 bonus to perception. Can take 20 on perception in only 5 times the time.3C01 p.44
Disease AdaptationCon 11+2 enhancement bonus to saves against diseaseCOM p.113
Disease RejectionCon 17, Disease AdaptationRecover from diseases much more swiftlyCOM p.114
Dispelling StrikeBase attack bonus +10, Mysticism 10 ranksSpend 1 Resolve Point to make a melee attack act as dispel magicCOM p.114
DiveBombDex 14, base attack bonus +1You're adept at swooping down on a foe.GEM p.51
Diverse ConditioningEternal hope or ecstatic joy racial trait, character level 5thYour broad experience has made you better at avoiding danger.COM p.32
DiversionUse Bluff to create a distraction so that your allies can hideCRB p.156
Divine BlessingWorship a deity of an alignment within one step of your own alignment (Starfinder Core Rulebook 25).Gain a deity unique power based on who you worshipPWD p.190
Echolocation AttackPerception as a class skillUse the echo of sonic attacks to better sense your surroundingsCOM p.114
Effortless AerobaticsYou're particularly graceful while airborne.GEM p.51
Eldritch LoreKey ability score 19, Lesser Eldritch Lore, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 10th, 10 levels in a class with a class spell listGain an additional 2nd-level spell knownCOM p.114
Enclose SerumsAdaptation or early stage adaptation racial trait, or ooze typeDue to your unique physiology, you can safely store important medicines inside yourself until you require them for use in an emergency.3C05 p.44
Enhanced CommunalismCharacter level 5th, communalism racial traitYou're able to benefit from your allies' presence more often.COM p.24
Enhanced ResistanceBase attack bonus +4Gain damage reduction or energy resistanceCRB p.157
Environmental AdaptationCon 13Gain immunity to a number of environmental and weather effectsCOM p.114
Expansive BreathCon 11Hold your breath 50% longerFF03 p.48
Extended TelepathyLimited telepathy racial traitIncrease range of limited telepathyPWD p.191
Extra ResolveCharacter level 5thGain 2 additional Resolve PointsCRB p.157
Fast TalkBluff 5 ranksBaffle a potential foe, causing it to be surprised when combat beginsCRB p.157
Fighting BalanceYou know how to fight while off-balance or prone.NSP p.131
Focused SenseBlindsenseTemporarily gain blindsight with a limited rangeCOM p.115
Forward MomentumWis 13, character level 5thDA01 p.53
Four-Handed HackerComputers 1 rank, four or more handsWhen you hack a computer, it's a two-front war.COM p.21
Free RunnerAcrobatics 3 ranksYou’re used to nimbly navigating constructed environments.GEM p.91
Friends in Low PlacesDiplomacy 5 ranksYour winning and adaptable personality gains you access to less-reputable professional services.GEM p.91
Frightening InjectionIntimidate 3 ranksIntimidate your foes when you inject themCOM p.115
Frightful DisplayCha 15, Intimidate 5 ranks, ability to cast spellsIntimidate a foe as a reaction after they fail a save against your spellCOM p.115
Great Fortitude+2 bonus to Fortitude savesCRB p.157
Greater Eldritch LoreKey ability score 21, Eldritch Lore, Lesser Eldritch Lore, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 13th, 13 levels in a class with a class spell listGain an additional 3rd-level spell knownCOM p.115
Greater Shadow InfusionImproved Shadow Infusion, Shadow Infusion, character level 13thBecome incorporeal and reduce physical and nonphysical damageSS3 p.52
Greater Spell PenetrationSpell PenetrationAdditional +2 bonus to caster level checks to overcome SRCRB p.157
Group NegotiationsDiplomacy or Intimidate 5 ranksSpend resolve to use diplomacy or intimidate to influence multiple targetsFF05 p.52
Harm UndeadHealing channel connection power, mystic level 1stExpend a spell slot for healing channel to also damage undeadCRB p.157
HaulerStr 13You can carry much more than usualCOM p.115
Helpful TelepathCommunalism or hive defense racial trait, limited telepathy or telepathy racial traitYou're able to provide uncanny support to your allies.COM p.25
Hyper SpeedHyper racial abilityYou can't hold still, making you difficult to hit.NSP p.134
Improved DemoralizeYou can use the Intimidate skill to demoralize as a move action.SS3 p.52
Improved Dive BombDex 14, Str 14, Dive Bomb, base attack bonus +7Your attacks from above are powerful enough to drive your foes into the ground.GEM p.51
Improved Energy ResistanceCon 13, character level 10th, energy resistance from a racial traitYour natural energy resistance is more pronouncedCOM p.116
Improved Great FortitudeGreat Fortitude, character level 5thSpend 1 Resolve Point to reroll a Fortitude save CRB p.158
Improved Iron WillIron Will, character level 5thSpend 1 Resolve Point to reroll a Will saveCRB p.158
Improved Kip-UpAcrobatics 1 rank, Kip-Up feat or moxie racial traitYou can stand from prone in a blink of an eye.COM p.28
Improved Lightning ReflexesLightning Reflexes, character level 5thSpend 1 Resolve Point to reroll a Reflex saveCRB p.158
Improved Shadow InfusionShadow Infusion, character level 7thBecome shrouded in shadow to gain concealmentSS3 p.52
Improved Spell-Like AbilityAt least one spell-like ability that is a level-0 or 1st-level spell, character level 4thYou have focused on honing your innate magical talents.NSP p.131
Intuit RelationshipsPerception 1 rank, Sense Motive 1 rankYou can quickly sense relationships between others and use that knowledge to manipulate them.3C01 p.44
Iron Will+2 bonus to Will savesCRB p.158
Jet DashMove faster when running, double height and distance when jumpingCRB p.158
Last-Chance GrabAthletics 3 ranksAvoid falling on failed Athletics checks as a reactionFF05 p.52
Lesser Eldritch LoreKey ability score 17, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 7th, 7 levels in a class with a class spell listGain an additional 1st-level spell knownCOM p.116
Lightning Reflexes+2 bonus to Reflex savesCRB p.159
Major Eldritch LoreKey ability score 23, Eldritch Lore, Greater Eldritch Lore, Lesser Eldritch Lore, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 16th, 16 levels in a class with a class spell listGain an additional 4th-level spell knownCOM p.116
Major Psychic PowerCha 15, Minor Psychic Power, Psychic Power, character level 7thCast a 2nd-level spell as a spell-like ability 1/dayCRB p.159
Major Stage MagicCha 15, Minor Stage Magic, Stage Magic, character level 7thGain a 2nd level spell to help distract foes or entertain crowdsPWD p.191
Masked VisageWith your face concealed, you can be inscrutable.COM p.21
Master CrafterComputers, Engineering, Life Science, Mysticism, Physical Science, or appropriate Profession 5 ranksCraft items in half the normal timeCRB p.159
Medical ExpertLife Science 1 rank, Medicine 1 rank, Physical Science 1 rankTreat deadly wounds more quickly, and provide long-term care without a medical labCRB p.159
Memorable CoercerIntimidate 1 rankYou know how to use coercion to change people's minds without suffering the consequences.3C01 p.45
Memory AccessConstruct type, constructed racial trait, exocortex, or head slot augmentation+2 insight bonus to skill checks to identify creatures and recall knowledgeCOM p.116
Minor Eldritch LoreKey ability score 15, caster level 4th, 4 levels in a class with a class spell listGain an additional 0-level spell knownCOM p.116
Minor Psychic PowerCha 11Cast a 0-level spell as a spell-like ability 3/dayCRB p.160
Minor Stage MagicCha 11Gain a 0-level spell to help distract foes or entertain crowdsPWD p.191
Mounted ExpertCombat-Trained Mount, Survival 5 ranksWhile mounted, you exhibit exceptional control over not just your creature companion but also yourself.AA3 p.140
Multifaceted NatureDimorphic or driftborn racial trait, character level 9thThrough a twist of genetics, magic, or strange fate, you developed another of your race's traits.COM p.32
Nanite IntegrationCharacter level 3rd, constructed racial trait or construct type.Nanites responsible for maintaining your constructed body have been upgraded, and a subset of them has been reprogrammed to perform incredible feats.COM p.17
Obnoxious TricksterImproved Combat Maneuver (dirty trick)FF02 p.54
Oracular GiftAbility to cast auguryGain +1 to initiative checks, and you can cast an enhanced augury once per day without spending RPCOM p.117
Penetrating SpellAbility to cast 4th-level spellsReduce enemy's DR and energy resistance against your spells by 5CRB p.160
Percussive MaintenanceStr 11Reroll checks for engineer crew actions in starship combat and engineering checks to repair itemsCOM p.117
Periastra TrainingCha 13, Mysticism 5 ranks, stellar mode class featureThrough sheer force of will, you can gain the effects of being fully attuned to your current stellar mode.AA3 p.31
Poison AdaptationCon 11Gain a +2 enhancement bonus to saves against poison and take half damage from initial exposureCOM p.117
Poison RejectionCon 17, Poison AdaptationRecover from poisons more swiftlyCOM p.117
Poison RejectionRacial trait with “poison” or “slime” in the nameYou've mastered a method of using your bodily fluids to negate poison and venom.NSP p.132
Polymorph AdeptYou know the polymorph spell as a 3rd-level spell or higher.Allows you to change polymorph form as standard action without penaltyAA2 p.145
Positive ConduitCon 13Gain extra Hit Points from magical healingCOM p.117
Profession MasteryCha 13, Int 13, or Wis 13 (see text); Profession (any) 1 rank, cultural fascination racial traitYour deep exploration of the multiple cultures has taught you to use your professional know-how to great effect.COM p.25
Protective FurSkittermander or ysokiGain +2 circumstance bonus to saves against heat and cold dangers and +4 circumstance bonus to avoid contracting contact afflictionsCOM p.117
Protector of KahlannalAnassanoi, any non-chaotic and non-evil alignmentYou are one of the eight ordained Protectors of the anassanoi people of Kahlannal.DF05 p.45
Psychic InsightLimited telepathy or telepathyGain bonuses against creatures you communicate with telepathicallyDF01 p.44
Psychic PowerCha 13, Minor Psychic Power, character level 4thCast a 1st-level spell as a spell-like ability 1/dayCRB p.160
Psychic SenseLimited telepathy or telepathyGain blindsense using telepathyDF01 p.44
Quicker TricklerMedicine 3 ranksAdminister serums as a standard action instead of a full actionCOM p.117
Reality GlimmerCha 15, character level 5th, no levels in witchwarperGain the ability to cast minor witchwarper spellsCOM p.117
Reject ChainsShirren+2 insight bonus to saves against charm and compulsion effects, and you can reroll saves against such effectsCOM p.117
Relocate VitalsEarly stage adaptation racial traitIn times of danger, you can alter your body to protect your most vulnerable organs.3C05 p.44
RetrotechDA01 p.53
Scoundrel's FinesseFF02 p.54
ScurryRacial bonus to Dexterity, size SmallYour small size affords you superior tactical positioning.COM p.29
Sense AssumptionsSense Motive 1 rankYou can easily intuit a person's preconceptions.3C01 p.45
Shadow InfusionYou must spend a significant time on the Shadow Plane or otherwise become infused with its energies, such as by dying there or gaining shadow corruption. The GM determines whether you qualify for this featGain low-light vision and darkvision, or see in darknessSS3 p.53
Silt ShieldStealth 1 rank, Survival 1 rankYou're an expert at adopting enemy camoflage.GEM p.71
Skill Focus+3 insight bonus to one skillCRB p.161
Skill SynergyGain two new class skills or a +2 insight bonus to those skillsCRB p.161
Sky JockeyPiloting 5 ranksMake jetpacks, vehicles, and starships go fasterCRB p.161
Soothing TelepathyLimited telepathy or telepathy+2 insight bonus to saves against mind-affecting effects that you can extend to nearby alliesCOM p.118
Spell FeintWhen you successfully feint, your foe takes a –1 penalty to saves against your next spellCOM p.118
Spell FocusAbility to cast spells, character level 3rdDCs of spells you cast increaseCRB p.162
Spell Penetration+2 bonus to caster level checks to overcome SRCRB p.162
SpellbaneUnable to cast spells or use spell-like abilities+2 insight bonus to saving throws against spells and spell-like abilitiesCRB p.162
SpellguardMysticism 3 ranksGrant an ally a +2 insight bonus against a spell as a reactionCOM p.118
Spot of LuckAny racial trait or feat that grants a d20 reroll, character level 5thWhen escaping tight spots, you defy the odds.COM p.32
Spot Structural VulnerabilityEngineering 5 ranks, Perception 5 ranksDestroy or break objects easier by using engineering knowledgeFF05 p.52
Squox CompanionYou own a trained squox that has an attitude of friendly or helpful toward you.Gain bonuses for having a pet sqouxAA2 p.119
Stage MagicCha 13, Minor Stage Magic, character level 4thGain a 1st level spell to help distract foes or entertain crowdsPWD p.191
Startled ScreamStops surprised allies from being flatfooted in surprise roundSS1 p.52
Steady FlierAcrobatics 5 ranksThrough focused training, you can fly through inclement conditions with ease.GEM p.51
Steady FootingMore than two legs or similar limbsYou use your multiple legs to your advantage.NSP p.131
Steel NervesWis 13, character level 3rd+2 bonus against fear and other bonuses against fear effectsSS1 p.52
StrafeDex 17, Mobility, Shot on the Run, base attack bonus +12Your quick reflexes allow you to shoot rapidly from the air.GEM p.51
Street RacerPiloting 2 ranksYou’ve picked up the talent of drifting around tight city curves and can perform this maneuver whenever you pilot a vehicle.GEM p.91
Street SmartsSense Motive 5 ranksYou’ve developed your judgment through broad experiences and have learned to gather information at a glance.GEM p.91
SurvivalistSelf-sufficient racial traitYou know how to live off the land.COM p.34
Swimming MasterAthletics 5 ranksGain a swim speed equal to your base speedCRB p.163
Tactful AdvisorCha 11Provide an additional +1 enhancement bonus when your aid another check result is 20 or higherCOM p.118
Tailored SerumLife Science 5 ranksGrant additional Hit Points to a particular creature with a customized serum of healingCOM p.118
Take ThisFF05 p.53
Technomantic DabblerIntelligence 15, character level 5th, no levels in technomancerGain the ability to cast minor technomancer spellsCRB p.163
Telepathic ScreamIntimidate 3 ranks; limited telepathy or telepathyCreate a distressing telepathic scream that causes foes to become shakenCOM p.118
Telepathic SpyLimited telepathy or telepathyIntercept psychic communications with a sense motive checkDF01 p.44
Three-Point StanceIf you have a free hand, you take 1d6 less damage from falling, don't fall prone from falling, and gain benefits in zero-g maneuveringCOM p.119
Tight FitLarge size or largerYou are not entangled when squeezingCOM p.119
Timely CoordinationGain +1 circumstance bonus to some readied actions triggered by alliesFF05 p.53
Toughness+1 Stamina Point per character level and other bonusesCRB p.163
UnderfootScurry, Acrobatics 10 ranks, racial bonus to Dexterity, size SmallYou use your small size against larger foes.COM p.29
Underhanded SnareImproved Combat Maneuver (dirty trick); constrictor's grasp, enveloping grip, grappler, or snag racial trait.FF02 p.54
UnionistBase attack bonus +1+2 bonus to attack rolls for covering fire and harrying fire.NSP p.134
UrbanistSense Motive 5 ranksYou have an intuitive understanding of built environments and how people move through them.GEM p.91
Veiled ThreatCha 15, Intimidate 1 rankIntimidated foe doesn't become hostileCRB p.163
Vidgame AficionadoProfession (vidgamer) 7 ranksAA4 p.25
Wind ShieldStr 11, base attack bonus +5You can manipulate the air currents surrounding you to defend against attacks.GEM p.51

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