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Functioning similarly to cybernetics, biotech items include modifications to your DNA combined with implants of biological origin that integrate into your physiology. Biotech mostly operates by the same rules as cybernetics and uses the same implantation slots.

Gill Sheath195LungsCRB p.211
Pressurized Lungs1130LungsARM p.86
Restraining spinneret1330HandARM p.87
Dragon Gland, Wyrmling2755ThroatCRB p.211
Photoenergetic Node2625HandAA2 p.125
Resistant hide, mk 12700SkinARM p.87
Swimming fins2850All feetARM p.87
Venom Spur2625HandCRB p.212
Wildwise2500ThroatCRB p.212
Adaptive Biochains3VariesVariesCRB p.211
Climbing Suckers31200All FeetCRB p.211
Clinging Hands31350All HandsARM p.86
Focusing Membrane, Mk 141925EyesAA2 p.125
Glass Skin42000SkinAA2 p.65
Ocucloak Processor42200BrainAA1 p.103
Resistant hide, mk 241900SkinARM p.87
Shotalashu Link Cortex42500BrainAA2 p.115
Tympanal Cluster42150EarsCRB p.212
Filament Mesh, Mk 153450SkinAA2 p.125
Machine telepathy cluster52500BrainAA3 p.103
Regenerative blood, mk 153250HeartARM p.86
Cerebral Countermeasures64200BrainAA2 p.19
Eagle Eyes64000EyesARM p.86
Mighty Vocal Cords64000ThroatARM p.86
Skin of the Chameleon64050SkinCRB p.211
Resistant hide, mk 375890SkinARM p.87
Ultralight wings, strix76400All armsARM p.87
Fungal breath89000Lungs and Throat3C04 p.52
Moonflower Lightgraft88500HandAA2 p.85
Regenerative blood, mk 2810100HeartARM p.86
Focusing Membrane, Mk 2913260EyesAA2 p.125
Shock fist, static915600HandARM p.87
Dragon Gland, Standard1019125ThroatCRB p.211
Filament Mesh, Mk 21017500SkinAA2 p.125
Herbicidal glands1019000Throat3C04 p.53
Prehensile Tail1017900Spinal ColumnARM p.86
Resistant hide, mk 41017000SkinARM p.87
Backup Lobe1123400BrainARM p.86
Eyes of the seer1126000Eyes3C02 p.48
Ultralight wings, angel1128600All armsARM p.87
Regenerative blood, mk 31238500HeartARM p.86
Shock fist, aurora1241400HandARM p.87
Resistant hide, mk 51346350SkinARM p.87
Ultralight wings, dragon1480300All armsARM p.87
Regenerative blood, mk 415122000HeartARM p.86
Dragon Gland, Wyrm16181500ThroatCRB p.211
Resistant hide, mk 617230850SkinARM p.87
Shock fist, storm17297000HandARM p.87
Cleansing Breath18342000LungsARM p.86
Regenerative blood, mk 519605000HeartARM p.86
Shock fist, tempest201075000HandARM p.87


All augmentations have a system entry indicating the part of the body into which it must be installed. You can’t have more than one augmentation on the same part of your body.
In some cases, such as with augmentations installed in limbs, you can install an augmentation into a single general type of body part, such as any single one of your feet or hands. In these cases, the augmentation lists the acceptable body parts into which the augmentation can be installed. You can install a single augmentation on each limb of which you have multiples. For example, if you’re a kasatha, you could install a separate augmentation on each of your four hands, as long as each of those augmentations requires only a single hand.
If an augmentation requires multiple limbs for installation— such as climbing suckers, which require all feet, or a speed suspension, which requires all legs—the augmentation’s systems entry indicates that requirement. The augmentation’s description will also indicate whether a limb-based upgrade requires the replacement of a limb or the augmentation of an existing limb. In the case of augmentations that specifically replace a lost limb, such as a polyhand or a prosthetic limb, you cannot attach such an augmentation to an existing limb, due to the way these upgrades are manufactured.
Common Systems: Although exceptions do exist, most augmentations require installation into one of the following body systems: arm (or all arms), brain, ears, eyes, foot (or all feet), hand (or all hands), heart, leg (or all legs), lungs, spinal column, skin, and throat.


Getting an augmentation installed requires the services of a professional cybernetic surgeon or someone with ranks in Medicine equal to the level of the augmentation. A session with a cybernetic surgeon usually takes 1 hour per level of the augmentation. The price of such implantation procedures is included in the prices listed for each augmentation.


You might want to have an augmentation removed, usually because you want to install a different one in the same system of your body. This removal usually occurs during surgery to install new cybernetics. Biotech usually kills off the old augmentation while it’s integrating with your body, allowing you to purge the dead biotech naturally. Because augmentations are coded to your body, it’s not possible to resell an old augmentation, nor can you reimplant one into a different person. The price of a new augmentation includes the price and time to remove the old augmentation.


Most augmentations work continuously. Those requiring some degree of control are plugged into your nervous system, and you can turn them on or off as a standard action unless otherwise noted. For example, you could activate or deactivate cybernetics in your eyes to observe different visual phenomena.

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