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Regenerative blood, mk 5

Starfinder Armory p.86

Level: 19
Price: 605000
System: Heart

Mk 15
Mk 210
Mk 315
Mk 420
Mk 525
Your heart is genetically engineered to release regenerative chemicals that can heal physical trauma. Whenever you take a 10-minute rest and spend a Resolve Point to regain Stamina Points, you also regain a number of Hit Points. Similarly, when you spend Resolve Points to stay in the fight, you regain additional Hit Points. The amount of Hit Points you regain is based on the augmentation's model.

Regenerative blood, mk 153250HeartARM p.86
Regenerative blood, mk 2810100HeartARM p.86
Regenerative blood, mk 31238500HeartARM p.86
Regenerative blood, mk 415122000HeartARM p.86

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