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SFSName ▼AbilityClass SkillDescriptionSource
SFS Ace PilotAce Pilot+1 DEXPilotingSkillful operator of starships and other vehicles who is obsessed with all related knowledge and lore.0-0-1CRB p.29
SFS AthleteAthlete+1 STR, DEX, or CONAcrobatics or AthleticsYou are a professional competitor and an expert in physical finesse or brute strength, providing you advantages in battle.0-0-7COM p.9
SFS Battle MedicBattle Medic+1 INTMedicineA medic without peer, you work to save lives in the worst imaginable conditions, all while keeping your cool.1-6-1A!01 p.42
SFS BiotechnicianBiotechnician+1 INTMedicineEvolution can go only so far, by taking flesh crafting in your own hands, you devise new ways to enhance your natural mind and body.0-0-3PWD p.127
SFS Bounty HunterBounty Hunter+1 CONSurvivalUnstoppable tracker who knows how to stay hot on the trail of those who flee.0-0-1CRB p.30
SFS BureaucratBureaucrat+1 INT, WIS, or CHACulture, Life Science, Mysticism, Physical Science, or a ProfessionYou bring your no-nonsense ability to cut through red tape to bear in surprising ways.0-0-7NSP p.137
SFS Career TrooperCareer Trooper+1 CONPilotingA veteran of countless battles, your tactics are unmatched on the battlefield and a boon to your allies.1-6-1A!01 p.43
SFS ColonistColonist+1 CONSurvivalWhether a newcomer to the frontier or an grizzled traveler, you always seek new worlds to settle, and wilds to tame through tenacity and wit.1-3-1AT01 p.45
SFS Corporate AgentCorporate Agent+1 CHADiplomacyCorporations are the lifeblood of the modern economy, and employ agents such as yourself to ensure their plans go according to schedule.0-0-3PWD p.47
SFS Cult HunterCult Hunter+1 WISSense MotiveYour life's work is to ferret out cults and free those who have fallen into their clutches.1-5-4DF04 p.45
SFS CultistCultist+1 CONDisguiseHidden in the shadows, some religious forces work to achieve hidden agendas by employing faceless devotees in nearly all levels of society.0-0-3PWD p.147
SFS CyberbornCyberborn+1 INTComputersFor those interested in true advancement, transcending ones physical and mental limitations through technology is their key.0-0-3PWD p.67
SFS Death-TouchedDeath-Touched+1 CONPerceptionThrough fate or luck, you've escaped death, but its lingering grasp still maintains a hold on you to this day.0-0-3PWD p.97
DiplomatDiplomat+1 CHADiplomacyQuick with words and familiar with negotiations in tense situations, you thrive on defusing situations where violence is only moments away. 1-6-4A!04 p.45
SFS DragonbloodDragonblood+1 CHACultureThrough inherited power or sheer adoration, the magic of dragons flows through your veins and grants you a measure of their mighty power.0-0-3PWD p.107
SFS Dream ProphetDream Prophet+1 WISMysticismYou hear the songs of the Dreamer, and sometimes they grant you insight into the unknown.0-0-3PWD p.117
EsperEsper+1 CHAMysticism You have trained with an elite psionic squad or a specialist unit dealing with psychic threats, or served as the psionics officer for a military task1-6-5A!05 p.53
SFS GiantbloodGiantblood+1 STRCultureYou can trace your ancestry to giants, allowing you to accomplish feats of great strength.0-0-7NSP p.138
SFS GladiatorGladiator+1 CONIntimidateThe roars of the crowd and blood dripping from your blade guides your life of violence for coin and prestige.0-0-3PWD p.57
GrifterGrifter+1 INTProfessionSwindling, tricking, and ingratiating yourself to others using your force of personality are your specialties.0-0-7COM p.10
SFS GuardGuard+1 STR, or DEXPerceptionYou are a vigilant protector of your clients and friends, and you'll let no harm come to them.0-0-7COM p.11
SFS IconIcon+1 CHACulturePopular and respected celebrity who can leverage the public's adoration for specific needs.0-0-1CRB p.31
SFS Law OfficerLaw Officer+1 WISSense MotiveAn enforcer of law and a protector of the public, you often put yourself at risk to ensure others' safety.0-0-7COM p.12
SFS MercenaryMercenary+1 STRAthleticsWell-trained soldier of fortune who can work equally well as a combat grunt or a squad leader.0-0-1CRB p.32
Noble ScionNoble Scion+1 CHABluff or DiplomacyYou were born into a position of power and privilege and are a master of navigating high society.0-0-7COM p.13
SFS OutlawOutlaw+1 DEXSleight of HandWanted criminal with back-alley connections to black markets and associates who can fend off legal trouble.0-0-1CRB p.33
Paranormal InvestigatorParanormal Investigator+1 INT, WIS, or CHADiplomacy, Life Science, Mysticism, Physical Science, or SurvivalChasing after leads and unearthing musty tomes in search of the truth, you dedicate your life to understanding and researching the paranormal and supernatural.1-4-1SS1 p.53
SFS PriestPriest+1 WISMysticismDedicated and knowledgeable adherent to a philosophy or religion who commands clout among other followers.0-0-1CRB p.34
SFS PrisonerPrisoner+1 WISPerceptionYou are an escapee or parolee who uses your hard-won experience to great effect in the wider galaxy.0-0-7NSP p.139
ProleProle+1 INT, or WISProfession1-10-1FF01 p.48
SFS QuartermasterQuartermaster+1 INTProfession (quartermaster)You are always prepared to provision yourself and your allies with what's needed to succeed.0-0-7NSP p.140
SFS RoboticistRoboticist+1 INTComputersMachines, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes, and you're determined to learn the ins and outs of them all.0-0-3PWD p.27
SFS ScholarScholar+1 INTLife Science or Physical ScienceSkilled researcher and cutting-edge thinker with a broad base of knowledge and a thirst to expand it.0-0-1CRB p.35
SFS SensateSensate+1 CONPerceptionYou revel in new experiences, and as a result have a wide base of knowledge about the world.0-0-7COM p.14
SFS Solar DiscipleSolar Disciple+1 WISPerceptionThe sun serves both as a guiding light and anchor in your life, and the quest to find balance under its majestic rays.0-0-3PWD p.17
SFS Space PirateSpace Pirate+1 DEXBluffThe vastness of space is brimming with riches to be had, and you're going to claim your share at the end of a blade or barrel of a pistol.0-0-3PWD p.87
SFS SpacefarerSpacefarer+1 CONPhysical ScienceRestless explorer who has strong intuition and has collected deep knowledge about alien biology and topology.0-0-1CRB p.36
SFS StarwalkerStarwalker+1 DEXAcrobaticsA child of the void by more than name, you move through the vacuum with a degree of skill and precision few others can match.1-6-4A!04 p.53
SFS StormrunnerStormrunner+1 DEXSurvivalYou are undaunted by storms, having thrown yourself into them time and again.0-0-7NSP p.141
SFS Street RatStreet Rat+1 DEXStealthScrappy and streetwise, you are exceptionally adept at blending into the crowd to escape notice.0-0-7COM p.15
SFS Tempered PilgrimTempered Pilgrim+1 CHACultureThere are worlds to be explored and cultures to be observed, and by mimicking the Kasatha tradition, you seek to learn more about the wider world.0-0-3PWD p.77
SFS TinkerTinker+1 INTEngineeringWhether you're a garage experimenter or a researcher, the world of fabrication and manufacturing is one you're all too familiar with.1-5-3DF03 p.45
VasterVaster+1 WISEngineering1-10-1FF01 p.49
SFS Wild WardenWild Warden+1 WISSurvivalTrading concrete jungles for the real thing, you denounce civilization for the harsh wilds of the untamed wilderness.0-0-3PWD p.37
SFS XenoarchaeologistXenoarchaeologist+1 INTEngineeringThere are droves of ancient knowledge ready to be discovered, and you are willing to do so.0-0-3PWD p.137
SFS XenoseekerXenoseeker+1 CHALife ScienceGuru of alien life-forms who finds that meeting them is one of life's most rewarding accomplishments.0-0-1CRB p.37
SFS ThemelessThemeless +1 ANY AnyA less-powerful option when nothing else fits. Choose with care.0-0-1CRB p.28

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