The Hidden Truth

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Hylax - The Forever QueenLGdiplomacy, first contact, friendship, peaceCRB p.486
Iomedae - The Spirit of GolarionLGhonorable battle, humanity, justice, valorCRB p.487
Sarenrae - The DawnflowerNGhealing, redemption, the sunCRB p.489
Yaraesa - Lady of WisdomNGknowledge, mental perfection, scholarship, scienceCRB p.492
Desna - Song of the SpheresCGdreams, luck, stars, travelersCRB p.484
Weydan - The Endless HorizonCGdiscovery, equality, exploration, freedomCRB p.491
Abadar - Master of the First VaultLNcivilization, commerce, law, wealthCRB p.483
Talavet - The StorytellerLNcommunity, self-reliance, traditionCRB p.490
Eloritu - The Hidden TruthNhistory, magic, secretsCRB p.485
Ibra - The InscrutableNcelestial bodies, the cosmos, mysteries of the universeCRB p.486
Pharasma - Lady of GravesNbirth, death, fate, prophecyCRB p.489
Triune - The All-CodeNartificial intelligence, computers, the DriftCRB p.490
Besmara - The Pirate QueenCNpiracy, space monsters, strifeCRB p.483
Oras - Agent of ChangeCNadaptation, evolution, natural selectionCRB p.488
Damoritosh - The ConquerorLEconquest, duty, warCRB p.484
Zon-kuthon - The Midnight LordLEdarkness, envy, loss, painCRB p.492
Lao Shu Po - Grandmother RatNEassassins, rats, spies, thievesCRB p.487
Urgathoa - The Pallid PrincessNEdisease, gluttony, undeathCRB p.491
Nyarlathotep - The Crawling ChaosCEconspiracies, dangerous secrets, forbidden magicCRB p.488
The Devourer - The Star-EaterCEblack holes, destruction, supernovasCRB p.485
Angradd - The Forge-FireLGdwarves, fire, tradition, warCRB p.493
Arshea - Spirit of AbandonNGfreedom, physical beauty, sexualityCRB p.493
Black Butterfly - The Silence BetweenCGdistance, silence, spaceCRB p.493
Eldest - Lords of the FeyNFirst WorldCRB p.493
Calistria - The Savored StingCNelves, lust, revenge, trickeryCRB p.493
Groetus - God of the End TimesCNempty places, oblivion, ruinsCRB p.493
Asmodeus - Prince of DarknessLEcontracts, pride, slavery, tyrannyCRB p.493
Lissala - Scion of SevenLEduty, fate, obedience, reward of serviceCRB p.493
Lamashtu - Mother of MonstersCEmadness, monsters, nightmaresCRB p.493

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