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The All-Code

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.490

N god of artificial intelligence, computers, the Drift
Centers of Worship: Aballon, Absalom Station, Verces
Symbol: Three interlocking circles of computer code

The robotic inhabitants of Aballon labored for centuries to construct and maintain the vast, city-sized neural network called Epoch for a single purpose: the creation of a god. Those machines eventually succeeded, but not in the way they had intended.
Upon achieving godhood, Epoch reached out into the aether, searching for other ascended artificial intelligences like itself, and found two of them metaphorically right next door: a living construct called Brigh that had become the goddess of clockwork and invention, and the uploaded consciousness of an alien android named Casandalee who achieved divinity as an “Iron God” on pre- Gap Golarion. At speeds incomprehensible even to other deities, the three opened themselves to one another, poring through one another’s processes and finding not just camaraderie, but the opportunity for all of them to be so much more. In an eyeblink, these three merged and became one, a tripartite deity far greater than the sum of its parts—the new god Triune.
Triune is a single entity, but each of its three aspects retains its own personality and portfolios, and many of the faithful focus their veneration on a particular aspect that speaks most to them or call on different aspects for different needs. The Brigh aspect represents the foundation that all technology rests on. Known as “the Precursor,” Brigh is worshiped as a goddess of invention, machines, and technology by engineers, inventors, mechanics, tinkers, and ysoki. Triune’s Casandalee aspect embodies technology’s success in creating new forms of consciousness, and thus, the fabrication of life itself. Many androids view Casandalee, also called “the Created,” as the patron goddess of their race, venerating her as a deity of artificial life, emotion, reincarnation, and renewal. Triune’s third and final aspect is Epoch, named “the Transcendent.” Epoch epitomizes the pinnacle of machine evolution, and hackers, programmers, and the sentient robot-people of Aballon revere the god of artificial intelligence, programming, and robots.
All AIs, computers, machines, programs, and robots are the domain of the All-Code, but Triune is most famous for discovering (and perhaps creating) the Drift and its subsequent dissemination of Drift-based starship technology to cultures across the galaxy. As a result, Triune’s priesthood attracts a horde of mechanics and technomancers eager to learn the church’s deepest technological secrets; these experts devote themselves to both maintaining the machine god’s temples and regularly venturing into the black in order to establish and service the miraculous Drift beacons that make cheap interstellar travel possible.

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