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Starship Drift Engines

These engines let you travel to and from the Drift (see page 290). The better the engine rating, the faster you can reach distant destinations. Drift engines have a PCU requirement and a maximum frame size. The cost in Build Points is based on the starship’s size category (for the purposes of this calculation, Tiny = 1, Small = 2, Medium = 3, Large = 4, and so on). See the table below for the statistics of the various Drift engines.
For a starship to engage its Drift engines to either enter or exit the Drift, its conventional thrusters must be turned off for 1 minute.

Name Engine Rating Min. PCU Max. size Cost (In BP) Source
Signal Basic1752 × size categoryCRB p.298
Signal Booster2100Huge5 × size categoryCRB p.298
Signal Major3150Large10 × size categoryCRB p.298
Signal Superior4175Large15 × size categoryCRB p.298
Signal Ultra5200Medium20 × size categoryCRB p.298

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