The Hidden Truth

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Personal items

The following personal items are readily available in most places that sell gear.

Aerosol spray180LARM p.128
Allergy Pod1203C05 p.53
Altar, portable12502ARM p.128
Backpack, consumer131CRB p.230
Backpack, industry1251CRB p.230
Bedroll1151ARM p.128
Blanket13LARM p.128
Bonding epoxy1400LCRB p.230
Book, holy text12LARM p.128
Book, standard15LARM p.128
Buoyant Pack1501GEM p.40
Canteen11LARM p.128
Chemical cold pack15GEM p.40
Chemical Heat Pack15GEM p.40
Clothing, athletic15LARM p.128
Clothing, ceremonial15LARM p.128
Clothing, environmental110LCRB p.230
Clothing, everyday11LCRB p.230
Clothing, formal151CRB p.230
Clothing, Kalistocratic15LFF04 p.53
Clothing, party15LARM p.129
Clothing, professional15LCRB p.230
Clothing, travel110LCRB p.230
Clothing, uniform15LARM p.129
Cot1251ARM p.129
Culinary synthesizer, mk 114001ARM p.129
Energel food pellets (1 pack)15GEM p.40
Frosthiker Soles135LGEM p.40
Gear clamp1100LCRB p.231
Gear maintenance kit15LARM p.130
Glass cutter, mk 11100LARM p.130
Hammock120LARM p.130
Hazmat Synthsleeves130LGEM p.40
Holo-tat1100FF06 p.52
Hygiene kit131CRB p.231
Ladder, collapsible 10 feet1751ARM p.130
Ladder, collapsible 20 feet11501ARM p.130
Ladder, collapsible 40 feet13002ARM p.130
Lighter11ARM p.130
Magnetic jack14502ARM p.130
Map, navigational180ARM p.130
Map, survey120ARM p.130
Mess kit12LARM p.130
Motion trigger180LA!01 p.45
Perfume, standard150ARM p.131
Portable Condenser1501GEM p.41
Portable Power Hub1101GEM p.41
Pot, self-heating11001ARM p.131
Religious symbol12ARM p.131
Riding saddle, huge or larger13005AA3 p.147
Riding saddle, large1752AA3 p.147
Riding saddle, medium1251AA3 p.147
Riding saddle, small or smaller110LAA3 p.147
Rope11/50 ft.L/50 ft.ARM p.131
Safety Helmet165LFF05 p.55
Scuba gear1251ARM p.131
Sleeping bag110LARM p.131
Space suit1251CRB p.231
Stabilizer Bracelets1151GEM p.41
Stomach Tabs1753C05 p.53
Stylemander1503C05 p.53
Tattoo125FF06 p.53
Tent, mass produced121CRB p.231
Tent, mobile hotelier1501CRB p.231
Tool, manual1251ARM p.131
Treadsetter’s Guide125LGEM p.41
Umbrella, standard12LARM p.131
Waymarker Ribbon13LGEM p.41
Arcanascopic lenses250LGEM p.40
Clothing, reconfigurable2100 + cost of component outfitsLARM p.129
Glass cutter, mk 22400LARM p.130
Grooming Moss2503C05 p.53
Helping Hand275LGEM p.40
Meteorological Reader2100LGEM p.40
Pocket Linguist275LGEM p.41
Umbrella, autoshade2450LARM p.131
Wake-up patch2100LA!01 p.45
Warming balm2150LA!01 p.45
Culinary synthesizer, mk 2312001ARM p.129
Spidersatchel3120013C05 p.53
Culinary synthesizer, mk 3525002ARM p.129
Perfume, pheromonal5500ARM p.131

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