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Though numerous pharmaceuticals and similar substances can be referred to as drugs, this entry refers specifically to narcotics that are not typically used for medicinal purposes. Drugs are normally weaponized by loading a single dose into a weapon with the injection weapon property, such as an injection glove or needler pistol. Drugs can also be slipped into the food or drink of a target, normally requiring both that a character succeed at a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check and that the imbiber fail a separate DC 20 Perception check to notice the change in the drugged food or drink.

Hyperleaf1951CRB p.232
Pain-Aways™1151FF01 p.47
Stay-Awakes™151FF01 p.47
Rapture dust22001ARM p.132
White Petal21501AA4 p.45
Insight Dust35001DF01 p.45
Twinkle35501ARM p.132
Zero35001ARM p.132
Moonflower43351AA4 p.45
Dreamshiver525001CRB p.232
Synaptic Sugar55001A!05 p.47
Acceptance66001AA3 p.47
Dragontongue66501AA4 p.45
Niaqui635001SS2 p.57
Brawn740001ARM p.132
Dreamsnuff815001AA2 p.45
Peace of the void860001ARM p.132
Fairy Tale920001AA4 p.45
Transdimensional pesh10140001CRB p.232
Megaopiate12220001CRB p.232
Corpseflower pollen15800001ARM p.132

Drugs are a special kind of poison that grant a beneficial effect right away but also move the user a single step down the associated poison track. However, the user doesn’t lose Hit Points, even if the drug functions as a Constitution poison. Taking a drug also exposes the user to the addiction disease, with a DC that depends on how addictive the drug is. If a character is dosed with a drug against his will, he can attempt a Fortitude save against the drug’s DC. If he succeeds, this negates both the drug’s beneficial and negative effects, as well the chance for addiction. Immunity to poison or a similar effect prevents a character from experiencing the drug’s beneficial effects, and removing or suppressing a drug’s negative effects with restorative spells also cancels the benefits.


Type disease (drug use); Save see specific drug
Track physical, mental, or both (see specific drug); Frequency 1/day when not using the drug
Effect If a creature takes a drug while it has progressed beyond healthy on the drug’s progression track, the DC of the saving throw against addiction increases by 2. A creature can attempt a save against an addiction only on a day when it hasn’t taken the drug. Each day spent without using the drug decreases the addiction’s DC by 2, to a minimum of the starting DC, but using the drug again, even once, returns the DC to its highest value. Each drug addiction is a separate disease.
Cure 3 consecutive saves

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