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Emergency accelerator

Starfinder Adventure Path #27: Deceivers’ Moon (The Threefold Conspiracy 3 of 6) p.48

COST (In BP): 4 × size category

PCU: 5

This system allows a ship to rapidly accelerate to a speed that makes combat between starships no longer possible. A ship that successfully engages an emergency accelerator escapes any battle it is in. To accomplish this, the emergency accelerator draws on power from across the ship’s many systems, making the ship highly vulnerable for a short period before the acceleration takes effect. An emergency accelerator cannot be activated if the engines or power core have any critical damage conditions; if the ship’s engines or power core suffer such a condition while the accelerator is active, the accelerator shuts off.
The engineer can activate an emergency accelerator as an action during the engineering phase. For the rest of the round, the ship has no shields and cannot fire weapons. If at the end of the gunnery phase, the emergency accelerator is still active, the ship immediately moves 100 hexes in a straight line in any direction, which ends the starship combat and allows the vessel to escape. After using an emergency accelerator, the ship’s power core gains the glitching critical damage condition and must be repaired before the accelerator can be used again.

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