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Cybernetic Arm, Dual

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.208

Level: 14
Price: 70150
System: Spinal Column

Made of ultralight materials, this fully cybernetic arm fuses to your spinal column, exoskeleton, or equivalent body structure and functions as a full arm. You can hold an additional hand's worth of equipment. This lets you have more items at the ready, but it doesn't increase the number of attacks you can make in combat. You must have a Strength score of 12 to use a cybernetic arm effectively.
Dual cybernetic arms consist of a pair of arms, one on each side of your body, and let you hold two additional hands' worth of equipment. You need a Strength score of 14 to use dual cybernetic arms effectively.

Cybernetic Arm, Single1124750Spinal ColumnCRB p.208

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