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Player > Augmentations > Cybernetics > Threshold buffer, mk 3

Threshold buffer, mk 3

Starfinder Armory p.89

Level: 15
Price: 110000
System: Heart

Mk 11
Mk 22
Mk 33
This system monitors your vitals, injecting a burst of synthetic adrenaline into your bloodstream when your body is on the brink of death. You gain a number of additional Resolve Points (depending on the model of your threshold buffer) that you can use or lose only when you are dying or stable, such as to avoid death, to stabilize, or to stay in the fight (Core Rulebook 250). These additional Resolve Points don't count for the purpose of calculating how many Resolve Points you must spend to stabilize, and any unspent additional Resolve Points are lost the next time you take an 8-hour rest to regain your normal Resolve Points.

Threshold buffer, mk 142080HeartARM p.89
Threshold buffer, mk 2913500HeartARM p.89

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