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Dermal Plating, Mk2

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.209

Level: 7
Price: 6950
System: Skin

You line your skin with hardened composite plates that deflect physical attacks. You gain an amount of damage reduction that depends on the model of your dermal plating. If you have natural damage reduction equal to or greater than your dermal plating, adding dermal plating increases the value of your natural DR by 1. If you have natural DR of a value less than your dermal plating, the value of DR from your dermal plating increases by 1.

Dermal Plating, Mk153025SkinCRB p.209
Dermal Plating, Mk3917975SkinCRB p.209
Dermal Plating, Mk41248850SkinCRB p.209
Dermal Plating, Mk514105000SkinCRB p.209
Dermal Plating, Mk616163500SkinCRB p.209
Dermal Plating, Mk719542000SkinCRB p.209

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