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Adrenal Booster

Starfinder Adventure Path #11: The Penumbra Protocol (Signal of Screams 2 of 3) p.44

Level: 8
Price: 8900
System: Endocrine

This pair of nanocarbon devices replaces part of your adrenal glands, and microscopic threads delicately link them to your endocrine system. When you are dying, the number of Resolve Points you need to stabilize is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1 Resolve Point needed to stabilize). This ability doesn't stack with any other ability that allows you to spend fewer Resolve Points to stabilize. In addition, once per day, you can spend the required Resolve Points to stabilize and 1 additional Resolve Point to stay in the fight (regaining 1 Hit Point) in the same round.

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