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Tabori Cluster

The Frontier Nebula

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.469

Gravity: Special
Location: The Vast
Atmosphere: Normal
Day: —; Year:

The Tabori system—multiple stars and their planets orbiting the red supergiant Bori—changed radically 6,000 years ago when Bori collapsed, blowing out much of its mass to form a beautiful nebula that remains electrically active, producing strong interference that hampers communication, navigation, and travel. The supergiant’s detonation also sprayed the surviving worlds with rich deposits of the normally rare metal siccatite, inciting a rush for potential wealth in the dangerous frontier.
The Tabori Cluster, as the area is now known, hosts five known stars: Deepwater, Ixo, Jordan’s World, Veran, and Vodorae, each with a handful of worlds in orbit. Ancient cities of extinct races dot both the river-choked Deepwater Prime and Ixo’s only planet of Pan, while countless boomtowns and abandoned mining operations dot the habitable regions of each system. Despite this scattering, no one world or system hosts a large or cohesive enough population to call itself a political entity. Scrapwave colonies— survivors stranded after interference destroyed their vessels’ engines— vie with one another for resources. A rare few souls even settle within the nebula, enamored by a life without advanced technology or any contact with the wider universe.

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