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Protector chariot

Starfinder Adventure Path #17: Solar Strike (Dawn of Flame 5 of 6) p.44

Level: 12
Price: 120000
Type: Large land, air, and water vehicle (10 ft. wide, 10 ft. long, 10 ft. high)
Speed: 30 ft., full 550 ft., 65 mph (hover and fly)
EAC: 27; KAC: 27; Cover: total cover
HP: 140 (70); Hardness: 10
Attack (Collision) 11d10 (DC 19)
Modifiers: +2 Piloting, –1 attack (–3 at full speed)
System: autopilot (Piloting +22), mounted weapons, psiometric lock, transforming matrix; Passenger: 3


A Protector chariot is a hybrid vehicle with a virtual intelligence. In its neutral form, the vehicle is a dense, 10-foot-diameter sphere of mercury-like metal. This malleable form can reshape to replicate almost any vehicle of similar size. However, only someone who has the Protector of Kahlannal feat can pilot one of these chariots. When chariots are adjacent to one another, the pilots can command the vehicles to combine and form a larger vehicle. Four chariots in proximity can combine to form a vessel of starship scale, called an Accord (see the inside covers).
When a pilot wishes to enter a chariot, they touch the surface and telepathically command the vehicle to allow them inside. The chariot surface envelops the pilot, pulling them within. When the vehicle reconfigures, it moves the pilot into a new position suited to piloting the chariot's new form.
Once the anassanois integrate with Pact Worlds societies, vehicles similar to chariots might appear on the open market. However, such knockoffs don't come from the anassanois, who would see such replicas as bordering on sacrilegious.


Some vehicles have an autopilot AI that can control the vehicle in place of an actual pilot. You can engage or disengage an autopilot as a swift action. You can input a destination into an autopilot as a move action, and the autopilot attempts to reach that location if doing so is possible (provided the autopilot isn't locked by a passcode or otherwise programmed not to obey).
A vehicle is considered controlled when the autopilot is engaged. An autopilot's actions are dictated by the GM, and an autopilot can take any of the actions to pilot the vehicle that an actual pilot can. However, autopilots tend to be cautious, rarely risking the integrity of the vehicle and never attempting to ram or run over a target unless specifically programmed as a war machine (indicated in its stat block).
The Systems entry in a vehicle's statistics lists the autopilot's modifier to the Piloting skill. For Piloting checks attempted for the Autopilot, apply this modifier first and then apply the vehicle's modifier (listed in the vehicle's Modifiers entry) to the Piloting checks.

Mounted Weapons (Ex)

Chariots often have mounted longarms or heavy weapons. These weapons usually have an item level of 8 or lower.

Psiometric Locks (Ex)

A chariot opens and operates only for its dedicated anassanoi Protector.

Transforming Matrix (Ex)

As a full action, the pilot (or autopilot) can command the chariot to reshape itself into another vehicle of up to Huge size and of its level or lower. At Huge size, the chariot has an AC of 24, a +0 modifier to Piloting, and a –2 penalty to attack (–4 at full speed). This ability can instead be used to join three other chariots to become a larger vehicle or Accord starship.

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