The Hidden Truth

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Starfinder Alien Archive p.37

Level: 8
Price: 10000
Bulk: 1

A shadowstaff is covered with fell symbols and is often surrounded by a dark nimbus of shadowy energy. As a basic two-handed melee weapon, a shadowstaff deals 2d6 bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage (your choice) as it manifests blades or spikes at will, and it has the block weapon special property. When a shadowstaff is used as a small arm, it has a range increment of 60 feet, and a single shot consumes 2 charges from its 40-charge capacity and deals 2d4 cold damage. Switching a shadowstaff from melee functionality to ranged functionality (or vice versa) is a swift action. Additionally, you can use a shadowstaff to create darkness, as per the universal creature rule, once per day (see page 153).

Lesser shadowstaff25001AA1 p.37

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