The Hidden Truth

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Prescient lenses, mk 2 (Worn)

Starfinder Pact Worlds p.203

Level: 9
Price: 13900
Bulk: —

Prescient lenses blend quantum computing and divination magic to model, extrapolate, and display events happening in the next few seconds as translucent holograms. A pair of lenses has one charge, which is refreshed each day, and a creature can benefit from a single use of prescient lenses each day (with any subsequent attempt showing the same few seconds of time as the first daily use). Prescient lenses were originally as optical enhancements for the robotic anacites of Aballon and can be integrated into a robot for the listed price. Alternatively, they can be installed as a cybernetic eye augmentation for 1,000 additional credits.

These function as mk 1 prescient lenses, but you can instead roll the attack roll or check twice and take the better of the two results.

Prescient lenses, mk 1 (Worn)42150—PWD p.203
Prescient lenses, mk 3 (Worn)1477000—PWD p.203

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