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Retrieval charms, mk 4

Starfinder Armory p.124

Level: 19
Price: 480000
Bulk: L

Most retrieval charms are bejeweled decorations, although some are knickknacks that depict popular idols or fictional characters. These items come in a pair, each charm attuned to the other with magically enhanced quantum entanglement. It takes 1 minute to attach a charm to an object, and this object can have no more than 3 bulk. As a move action, you can activate the second charm while holding it, teleporting the first charm and its attached object to you. If you do so, the object instantly appears in hand if you have enough hands free to grasp it. Otherwise, it appears in your space. The attached object teleports to you even if it is worn or carried by another creature. Each set of retrieval charms can be used one time per day.
The charms’ type limits the scale of the teleportation, as follows.

From another plane

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