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Suspension Pill

Starfinder Adventure Path #34: We're No Heroes (Fly Free or Die 1 of 6) p.47

Level: 3
Price: 250

The Company recognizes the hazards involved in long distance Drift travel and the many unexpected situations that might arise. A suspension pill ensures that whether you’ve contracted radiation sickness, been exposed to an unknown plague on a remote planet, or accidentally pricked yourself with a lethal toxin, help is never more than a Drift away. Individuals who have consumed a suspension pill should be taken to Absalom Station or another world within their present planetary system for immediate medical treatment.
A character can consume a suspension pill by taking a move action; alternatively, another character can take a standard action to feed a suspension pill to an unconscious or willing character. The suspension pill places the character in a coma-like state for a period of one week, during which the character is unconscious and requires no food or water. During this time, any afflictions affecting the character don’t progress, and the character doesn’t attempt saving throws for them; the affliction remains at whatever state it was in for the duration of the pill’s effect, then resumes when the pill wears off.
Once a suspension pill wears off, the character is immune to the effects of suspension pills for one week.

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