The Hidden Truth

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Animistic tools, mk 1

Starfinder Armory p.120

Level: 3
Price: 1350
Bulk: L

People often have superstitions regarding whether objects have a spirit or intelligence, and animistic tools were made with such beliefs in mind. Each of these tool kits has the power to communicate a user’s intentions to inanimate objects. When you use animistic tools with the appropriate skill and you fail a check, you can use the tool’s magic to reroll the check and take the higher result. In addition, as a move action, you can tap or bang a tool from the kit on a broken object, causing the object to ignore the penalties of being broken for a time. An item can benefit from animistic tools in this way only once per day, causing some engineers to joke that no one likes percussive maintenance.
The model of the tools determines the number of rerolls per day and the time an item ignores the broken condition. Once you use a set of animistic tools, you can’t benefit from a different set for 24 hours.

One reroll; ignore the broken condition for 1 minute

Animistic tools, mk 275500LARM p.120
Animistic tools, mk 31122000LARM p.120

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