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Energy-matter gateway

Starfinder Armory p.121

Level: 19
Price: 600000
Bulk: 4

An inert energy-matter gateway is a black cube composed of aligned tubes. When you activate the gateway as a standard action, you designate creatures that can benefit from it. The cube’s tubes realign 1 round later to form a 10-foot-tall, hollow monolith that glows with an untapped power. Once active, an energy-matter gateway creates a magical field in a 60-foot-radius spread. An energy-matter gateway can be deactivated as a move action, whereupon it folds back up into its cubic form.
A designated creature within the magical field of an activated energy-matter gateway can spend 1 Resolve Point to tap into the gateway’s field for 1 minute. If such a creature uses a weapon that consumes standard ammunition, the monolith magically produces the ammunition as it’s used. When a creature is tapped into the field, its battery-operated equipment consumes no charges.

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