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Life Fluid Hypopen

Starfinder Adventure Path #33: Dominion's End (Devastation Ark 3 of 3) p.53

Level: 16
Price: 25,000
Bulk: —

Sivv physicians pioneered a ghoulish medical technique which drained, transferred, and suspended the life force of enslaved species into a magical liquid known as life fluid. This fluid could then be used to flood entire medical facilities, creating a restorative environment for sivv patients whose natural healing was stimulated by the drained life force. Life fluid can be concentrated, making an excellent emergency medicine for the treatment of disease, poison, or wounds.
A life fluid hypopen is a one-use device like other hypopens in size and usage, requiring a standard action to activate. A single life fluid hypopen restores 10d8 Hit Points and affects the subject with greater remove condition.

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