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Instant ground

Starfinder Adventure Path #21: Huskworld (Attack of the Swarm! 3 of 6) p.42

Level: 1
Price: 25
Bulk: 1

Exiles on Atachuuva developed instant ground to expand their land. Following the Swarm’s attack on Atachuuva, survivors use instant ground to create patches of land to serve as new homes. Instant ground is water resistant but still somewhat biodegradable as a few of Atachuuva’s oversized insect species have developed a taste for it.
Each container holds a biochemical powder mixed with magically charged particles from the Plane of Earth. When poured into water as a full action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the components react swiftly to form a stable, buoyant platform in a 5-foot radius, provided the amount of water large enough to allow this expansion. If the body of water is smaller than the resulting ground area, instant ground consumes the available water and fills the available space. Any remaining powder is rendered inert. The landmass is a hemisphere with its dome pointed downward, so the ground is flat and stays upright on rough water.

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