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Vital seed, regrower

Starfinder Armory p.125

Level: 17
Price: 40000

Bioengineered to grow specific chemicals and cellular structures, even those that replicate animal or humanoid flesh, vital seeds come packed in tiny capsules of First World soil to make them grow at alarming speeds. The specific effect depends on the purpose for which the seed was bioengineered. Vital seeds can grow livestock and plants, replace missing organs, and perform many other useful tasks. Some common vital seeds are listed here.

As a standard action, you can swallow a regrower vital seed. This allows you to regain 12d8 Hit Points and removes the exhausted and fatigued conditions. Any lost organs and limbs also start regrowing. If you can reattach a missing part, this regrowth takes only 1 round. Otherwise, it takes 2d10 rounds.

Vital seed, beast4650ARM p.125
Vital seed, zeolite105000ARM p.125

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