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Universal solvent, regia

Starfinder Armory p.125

Level: 17
Price: 36000
Bulk: —

Sold in enchanted vials that hold one application each, universal solvent is a magical chemical mixture that can dissolve almost every known substance in the galaxy. (Universal solvent can’t damage creatures.) As a standard action, you can splash universal solvent on an object. If a creature holds or wears the item, you must hit with a melee attack against that creature’s EAC. One application of solvent can cover five objects of light bulk, one object of 1 bulk, or a 5-foot area of a surface. When the solvent’s vial is emptied, it leaves a clean, empty vial with no residue.
Universal solvent dissolves adhesives instantaneously, including the strands released by stickybomb grenades, provided the adhesive is of an item level equal to or lower than the solvent. The solvent also softens objects it coats, suppressing hardness according to the solvent’s type. As a full action, a creature can wipe off an application of universal solvent, ending the solvent’s effect on the cleaned object (but not the object used to clean it).
If an object is exposed to universal solvent for 1 minute, the object takes an amount of damage equal to twice the amount by which the solvent’s hardness suppression exceeded the object’s actual hardness. The solvent then becomes inert and turns to dust, and the object returns to its normal hardness.
Universal solvent comes in the following types.

Hardness suppression 40

Universal solvent, basic5500—ARM p.125
Universal solvent, concentrated92000—ARM p.125
Universal solvent, forte137500—ARM p.125

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