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Telespectrum circlet, Mk 2

Starfinder Adventure Path #13: Fire Starters (Dawn of Flame 1 of 6) p.45

Level: 10
Price: 20000
Bulk: L

A telespectrum circlet is a hybrid item that counts as a worn magic item unless you install it in armor, taking up one upgrade slot. The circlet increases the range of your limited telepathy based on the item’s model number. In addition, the circlet has a number of charges per day based on its model number. As a move action, you can expend one of these charges to use your limited telepathy on any creature that knows a language rather than only those that share a language with you. This effect lasts for 10 minutes. Once the circlet’s charges are expended, you can spend 1 Resolve Point in place of a charge to power the effect. The psychic link created by using a given circlet prevents you from using a different one for 24 hours.

Your limited telepathy range increases by 60 feet. The circlet has 9 charges.

Telespectrum circlet, Mk 142400LDF01 p.45
Telespectrum circlet, Mk 316160000LDF01 p.45

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