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Mining jack II

Starfinder Armory p.70

Level: 5
Price: 2750
EAC: +8; KAC: +11
Maximum Dex Bonus: +1
Armor Check Penalty: -3
Speed Adjustment: -10 ft.
Upgrade Slots: 2
Bulk: 3

Asteroid miners wear mining jacks for both life support and protection against the hazards of vacuum mining. As they are designed for use in low and zero gravity, the jacks are quite bulky, with alloys chosen for strength and durability rather than weight. Because miners often spend the entire day in a vacuum, mining jacks have storage compartments accessible within the armor. The breastplate of a mining jack can expand outward without being removed, allowing the wearer a modest amount of space to pull her arms inside and enjoy a beverage or meal. Each suit includes a pair of miniature airlocks that allow safe transfer of small objects from outside to inside the suit as a full action. A pair of mining jacks can even link locks to trade gear without exposing the item or either wearer to vacuum. The first mining jacks were dwarven designs, but their ingenious design and utility have made them popular throughout the Diaspora.

Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Mining jack IHeavy2825+4+6+1-3-5 ft.13ARM p.70
Mining jack IIIHeavy1017150+15+19+1-3-10 ft.33ARM p.70

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