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Lashunta mind mail I

Starfinder Armory p.70

Level: 6
Price: 4250
EAC: +6; KAC: +6
Maximum Dex Bonus: +6
Armor Check Penalty: 0
Speed Adjustment:
Upgrade Slots: 2
Bulk: L

Each link in a suit of mind mail is a nanotechnological marvel: a psychically active circuit reactive to the thoughts of its wearer. When donned, mind mail floats just above the skin and alternates between rigidity and supple motion in response to its wearer's thoughts and movement, with hundreds of tiny force fields filling the gaps between links as needed. The mail covers the entire body except for the face. The coif retracts into the collar at a mental command, and the mesh gloves likewise unlink and recede into the sleeves when a delicate touch is required. Mind mail offers a comfortable alternative to climate control in tropical environs such as Castrovel, as the armor does not make direct contact with the body and the open mesh provides ample airflow. The wearers of mind mail often personalize their armor with intricate designs woven with varicolored metals into the pattern of the mail. These designs can be altered with an Engineering check at the same DC as a check for adjusting armor (Core Rulebook 196).

Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Lashunta mind mail IILight1124800+13+14+602LARM p.70
Lashunta mind mail IIILight16166500+20+20+703LARM p.70
Lashunta mind mail IVLight19556000+22+22+705LARM p.70

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