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Player > Armor > Light > Ursikka hide, basic

Ursikka hide, basic

Starfinder Alien Archive 4 p.129

Level: 9
Price: 12500
EAC: +9; KAC: +9
Maximum Dex Bonus: +7
Armor Check Penalty: 0
Speed Adjustment:
Upgrade Slots: 1
Bulk: L

Some of the most intrepid hunters seek out ursikkas—and wily scavengers often search the tundra for fallen ursikka bodies—to harvest their hides. Ursikka hides are light, supple, and have an insulating quality that traps body heat, making them an ideal material for cold weather gear and clothes. Talented armorsmiths can create flexible light armor from this leather, which grants cold resistance in addition to the benefits listed on the table below. Basic ursikka hide armor provides cold resistance 10, and the resistance increases to 15 and 20 for advanced and elite suits respectively.
Ursikka hide armor is uncommon in shops on Triaxus, rare across the Pact Worlds at large, and nearly impossible to find elsewhere in the galaxy. In some places on Triaxus—especially in the rural Allied Territories and Ning—wearing a suit of ursikka hide armor is a point of pride, a symbol of one's courage and hunting prowess. For this reason, and to reap the rewards from selling this valuable resource, mercenary bands sometimes fan out across the planet's rural locales specifically to gamble their lives on hunting these violent creatures.

Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Ursikka hide, advancedLight1346500+15+16+702LAA4 p.129
Ursikka hide, eliteLight17240000+20+20+803LAA4 p.129

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