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Brawler Frame

Starfinder Armory p.75

Level: 9
Price: 14500

EAC Bonus: 12KAC Bonus: 18
MAX DEX Bonus: 3Armor Check Bonus: 3Speed: 30 feet
Strength: 20 (+5)Damage: 3d6 BSize: Large (10-ft. reach)
Capacity: 40Usage: 1/minute
Weapon Slots: 3Upgrade Slots: 2Bulk: 38

Designed for brutal gladiatorial matches against other fighters in powered armor, a brawler frame consists of nanotech shock absorbers sandwiched between rigid metal plates. The default frame comes with blunt piston-powered fists designed to deal bludgeoning damage, but customized models with heavy blades or picks (dealing slashing or piercing damage, respectively) are not uncommon. Many owners paint their brawler frames with garish colors to be more distinctive in the arena.

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