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Surnoch suit

Starfinder Armory p.79

Level: 18
Price: 405000

EAC Bonus: 23KAC Bonus: 27
MAX DEX Bonus: 3Armor Check Bonus: 4Speed: 30 feet, burrow 20 feet
Strength: 29 (+9)Damage: 3d10 SSize: Large (10-ft. reach);
Capacity: 20Usage: 1/hour
Weapon Slots: 4Upgrade Slots: 3Bulk: 35

This sturdy gray suit of powered armor has rows of fine blades running along the body and limbs, which serve as digging claws; it is often used by elite sapper teams to reach entrenched enemies. A surnoch suit grants you a burrow speed. You can tunnel through rock while wearing a surnoch suit, but your speed is reduced to 5 feet.

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