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Dousing shield, elite

Starfinder Near Space p.151

Level: 17
Price: 256000
Shield Bonus: +1/+3
Maximum Dex Bonus: +5
Armor Check Penalty: -1
Speed Adjustment:
Upgrade Slots: 2
Bulk: +2

A dousing shield looks similar to a standard riot shield, though it is more often used in situations where the wielder is in danger of catching fire. While you are wielding a dousing shield, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the attack roll of bull rush combat maneuvers. With a series of reservoirs containing flame-smothering chemicals, a dousing shield also functions as a fire extinguisher (Core Rulebook 218), except that it can end only your own burning condition and you can activate it as a move action. If you are Large or larger, you must activate the fire extinguisher feature of the shield over 2 consecutive rounds to end the burning condition (requiring the use of 2 charges). The 20 charges of a dousing shield’s fire extinguisher can be replenished for 5 credits.

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