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Aeon stones, iridescent trillian

Starfinder Adventure Path #08: Escape from the Prison Moon (Against the Aeon Throne 2 of 3) p.44

Level: 12
Price: 32,000

Aeon stones are magic gemstones that orbit your head (or the nearest equivalent of a head, for species that lack heads) and grant you a constant magic effect. They do not count toward your worn magic item limit, and there’s no limit to the number you can have orbiting you. They are most common in the Azlanti Star Empire, which also has unique ways of using such stones, but the most common types of aeon stones can be found in magic shops in many major settlements. Aeon stones are categorized by their shape and color, with all stones of the same shape and color having the same magic abilities.
Placing an aeon stone in orbit around your head is a standard action, and removing it is a move action. An aeon stone must be in orbit for you to benefit from its abilities. The stone orbits at a distance of 3 inches to 3 feet, as you prefer, but always outside any armor or helmet you wear. An orbiting aeon stone has an Armor Class equal to 12 + your character level, and it can be attacked directly or even grappled (a successful grapple check plucks the stone out of its orbit and into the attacker’s hand).
Most aeon stones (including all those presented here) are capable of glowing with a bright light. As a standard action, you can activate or deactivate the illumination of an aeon stone, which glows brightly enough to increase the light level in your square by one step (see Vision and Light on page 261).
Each aeon stone also has at least one other power that comes into effect when in orbit around you, detailed in the individual descriptions below.

While this aeon stone orbits you, when you are hit by a ranged attack, you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to attempt a Reflex saving throw with a +6 enhancement bonus. If your saving throw result equals or exceeds the result of the attack roll that hit you, the aeon stone deflects the attack, and it deals you no damage or other effect. This deflection doesn’t work against area attacks.

Aeon stones, clear spindle1245CRB p.222
Aeon stones, iridescent spindle2740CRB p.222
Aeon stones, cloudy blue rhomboid31,300AT02 p.44
Aeon stones, opalescent white pyramid31,400AT02 p.44
Aeon stones, amber hyperboloid42200ARM p.110
Aeon stones, bright yellow cabochon42,000AT02 p.44
Aeon stones, scarlet prism42140SFS1 p.27
Aeon stones, sapphire cone53200ARM p.110
Aeon stones, ruby sphere63,850AT02 p.44
Aeon stones, viridian balbis64200ARM p.110
Aeon stones, purple sphere77500AA1 p.7
Aeon stones, vibrant green prism914,000AT02 p.44
Aeon stones, dark blue rhomboid1018000CRB p.222
Aeon stones, alabaster helix1130000ARM p.110
Aeon stones, pearly white spindle1125000CRB p.222
Aeon stones, kaleidoscopic icosahedron1235000ARM p.110
Aeon stones, obsidian annulus1355000ARM p.110
Aeon stones, silver lemniscate1465000ARM p.110

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