The Hidden Truth

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Serum, veracity

Starfinder Armory p.116

Level: 5
Price: 450

A wide variety of serums exists throughout the galaxy. Organizations create some of these mixtures on a routine basis, while other serums require unusual materials and are therefore rare. Rules for serums can be found on page 225 of the Core Rulebook.

A clear liquid, veracity serum has a sickly-sweet taste and syrupy consistency. For 1 hour after you drink this serum, you gain a +3 insight bonus to Sense Motive checks to detect deception or see through a diversion. In addition, you never suspect a true statement is false. You also gain a +2 insight bonus to saving throws against illusions.

Serum, lingo2100ARM p.116
Serum, daywalker3200ARM p.116
Serum, shadowblend4325ARM p.116
Serum, X-ray4350ARM p.116
Serum, close-quarters7950ARM p.116

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