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Player > Items > Medicinal > Cytoguard, tier 4

Cytoguard, tier 4

Starfinder Alien Archive 4 p.79

Level: 15
Price: 16200
Dose: 1

Similar to an antitoxin, cytoguard actively regenerates cellular damage, mitigating the immediate effects of poison. When you take or are injected with cytoguard, you gain resistance equal to 3 times the medicinal’s tier to the damage dealt by initial exposure to poison. In addition, you gain a bonus equal to the medicinal’s tier to saving throws against poison. Both effects last for a number of hours equal to the medicinal’s tier.

Cytoguard, tier 11751AA4 p.79
Cytoguard, tier 254501AA4 p.79
Cytoguard, tier 31027001AA4 p.79

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