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Player > Items > Medicinal > Sedative, tier 2

Sedative, tier 2

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.232

Level: 5
Price: 450
Dose: 1

Numerous mild sedatives commonly available for purchase have legitimate medical uses, but they are also popular among some bounty hunters to help capture their quarries alive. If you take or are injected with a sedative, you take nonlethal damage. A tier 1 sedative deals 1d4 nonlethal damage, a tier 2 sedative deals 2d4 nonlethal damage, a tier 3 sedative deals 4d4 nonlethal damage, and a tier 4 sedative deals 8d4 nonlethal damage. When suffering from an emotion or fear effect that allows a saving throw to negate it, you can take or be injected with a sedative that permits you to immediately attempt a new saving throw with a bonus equal to the sedative’s tier to end the effect, as long as it’s not a permanent or instantaneous effect.

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