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Grenadier bracket

Starfinder Armory p.59

Level: 1
Price: 400
Bulk: L
Weapon Type: Railed weapon

A grenadier bracket allows you to attach a modified grenade launcher or missile launcher of 3 bulk or less to the bottom rail of a railed weapon. The modifications reduce the capacity of the grenade launcher or missile launcher by 50%, to a minimum of 1 grenade or missile. These modifications can be made in 1 hour with a DC 15 Engineering check, though it is also possible to buy bracket-ready grenade or missile launchers that have been premodified for the same price as standard grenade and missile launchers. Such a modified grenade or missile launcher can still be fired as a separate weapon, and still uses proficiency in heavy weapons, even if fired from a rail on a longarm or other weapon. Attaching a grenade launcher to a grenadier bracket or removing it is a full action.

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