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Gunner harness, heavy

Starfinder Armory p.60

Level: 7
Price: 5600
Bulk: 2
Weapon Type: Heavy weapon

A gunner harness is a wearable support mesh for an articulated arm that can serve as a mount for a heavy weapon. A gunner harness reduces the minimum Strength score required to fire a heavy weapon without penalty, as determined by the harness’s type. In addition, when you fire the mounted weapon, reduce the total penalty you take for making a full attack and due to range by a value determined by the harness’s type. Donning or removing a gunner harness is a full action, and attaching a weapon to a gunner harness or removing it is a full action.

Strength 14; reduce your total penalty by 2.

NameLevelPriceBulkCapacityUsageWeapon TypeSource
Gunner harness, light3140010Heavy weaponARM p.60
Gunner harness, null-space91500020Heavy weaponARM p.60

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