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Sight, manual

Starfinder Armory p.61

Level: 2
Price: 1000
Weapon Type: Railed weapon, small arm

A sight is an improved version of the common targeting sights used by most ranged weapons. It may be a loop with an incorporated reticle, or a series of guidelines with high-visibility pigment on them, or some other simple design aid to aiming your weapon. A sight attaches to a small arm or railed weapon’s top rail. A sight can’t be added to a weapon with a scope (see page 60). As a move action, you can aim through a sight. This can be done as part of the same move action as is required to aim a weapon with the sniper weapon special quality, or as part of a sneak attack where you do not take any movement even if you also aim a sniper weapon as part of that action. Aiming through a sight reduces penalties to attack rolls due to range or bonuses to AC from cover, depending on the sight’s type. The reduction in penalties due to aiming with a sight applies only to the next attack roll you make with the weapon before the end of your next turn.

A manual sight reduces penalties due to range and AC bonuses from cover by 2.

NameLevelPriceBulkCapacityUsageWeapon TypeSource
Sight, laser53000201/hourRailed weapon, small armARM p.61

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