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Explosive darts

Starfinder Armory p.55

Type: Special
Level: 2
Price: 50
Charges/Cartridges: 25
Bulk: L
Special: Fiery

Explosive ammo is used with projectile weapons and is available for most projectile weapons and other weapons that fire arrows and darts, as noted on Table 1–8. A weapon firing explosive ammo deals its normal amount of damage, but half of this damage is fire damage and grants the weapon the knockdown critical hit effect. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, the knockdown critical hit effect is added and considered part of the weapon’s normal critical hit effect. If the weapon normally already has the knockdown critical hit effect, it instead gains the push (5 feet) critical hit effect in addition to knockdown, and this considered part of the weapon’s normal critical hit effect.

Explosive arrow27520LFieryARM p.55
Explosive rounds, small arm26030LFieryARM p.55
Explosive rounds, longarm and sniper215025LFieryARM p.55
Explosive scattergun shells211025LFieryARM p.55
Explosive rounds, heavy318020LFieryARM p.55
Explosive mini-rockets545010LFieryARM p.55


Fiery ammunition bursts into glowing embers when fired. While this is not enough to change its normal damage to fire damage, any extra damage from a critical hit is considered fire damage and the weapon deals half damage to targets that take half damage from energy attacks but no damage from kinetic attacks (such as incorporeal creatures) and counts as a weapon with the explode special property against creatures with swarm defenses. If fiery ammunition is used in a weapon that already deals half fire damage (such as a weapon with the flaming weapon fusion), on a critical hit, all the damage dealt is fire damage. At the GM’s discretion, fiery ammunition can set extremely flammable materials on fire, such as oil-soaked rags or dry tinder.

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