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Kishalee battery, super-capacity

Starfinder Adventure Path #05: The Thirteenth Gate (Dead Suns 5 of 6) p.41

Type: Standard
Level: 7
Price: 5000
Charges/Cartridges: 80

Roughly the same size as standard batteries, kishalee batteries are translucent cylindrical objects bound by a transparent aluminum alloy. By a strange quirk of fate and parallel engineering, kishalee batteries can be interchanged with the standard batteries used among the Pact Worlds and beyond, but these rare batteries allow a creature to use and kishalee artifacts with greater efficiency. If placed in non-kishalee items, a kishalee battery functions like a standard battery. The technology for rapid recharging of a kishalee battery has been lost, but such batteries recharge themselves automatically over the course of 24 hours of disuse.
These batteries come in four different varieties: normal, high-capacity, super-capacity, and ultra-capacity. Each variety has a maximum number of charges as the normal batteries of the same type (Starfinder Core Rulebook 179). When these batteries are found, they are almost always fully charged.

Kishalee battery240020DS05 p.41
Kishalee battery, high-capacity6300040DS05 p.41
Kishalee battery, ultra-capacity88400100DS05 p.41

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