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Player > Weapon > Solarian Crystals > Muon crystal, minor

Muon crystal, minor

Starfinder Armory p.49

Level: 4
Price: 2200
Damage: +1d2
Special: Penetrating

Theoretically kin to the electron crystal, a muon crystal turns its user's solar weapon into a wispy glow in shimmering colors, closer to the auroras certain worlds experience than the unadulterated light of a star. This diffuse weapon slides easily through most matter, making it easier to tear through living creatures and inanimate objects alike. Muon crystals are available in least, minor, lesser, standard, and greater varieties.

Muon crystal, least2760+1PenetratingARM p.49
Muon crystal, lesser1018100+2d4PenetratingARM p.49
Muon crystal, standard16166000+6d4PenetratingARM p.49
Muon crystal, greater20760000+10d4PenetratingARM p.49


A penetrating weapon is designed to punch through large objects' outer layers, making it easier to damage them. A penetrating weapon ignores an amount of hardness equal to the weapon's level.

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