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Player > Weapon > Solarian Crystals > Photino crystal, shard

Photino crystal, shard

Starfinder Alien Archive 2 p.117

Level: 1
Price: 110
Damage: +1 F

In their travels, solar wisps sometimes shed portions of themselves, which cool rapidly into a glittering stream of beautiful bright-orange jewels called photino crystals that are used throughout the Pact Worlds (and beyond) as naturally occurring solarian weapon crystals. A few small starship crews make a dangerous living by following wisps— at a great distance—and waiting for this molting, scooping up the resulting jewels until their cargo holds are full, and then returning to a safer location to sort them by quality. Despite the danger inherent in collecting the gems, these solarian weapon crystals are widely available, especially in the sun's Burning Archipelago in the Pact Worlds; aboard the kasathan worldship the Idari; and in Fullbright, Verces's scorched, sun-facing hemisphere.

Photino crystal, least41850+1d2 FBurn 1AA2 p.117
Photino crystal, minor75500+1d4 FBurn 1d4AA2 p.117
Photino crystal, lesser1017000+2d4 FBurn 1d6AA2 p.117
Photino crystal, standard1346000+3d4 FBurn 2d6AA2 p.117
Photino crystal, greater16145000+4d4 FBurn 3d6AA2 p.117
Photino crystal, true19495000+6d4 FBurn 4d6AA2 p.117

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