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Player > Weapon > Solarian Crystals > T-quark crystal, minor

T-quark crystal, minor

Starfinder Armory p.49

Level: 5
Price: 3000
Damage: +1d3
Special: Variant boost 1d4 (3/day)

T-quark crystals have a rapid rate of decay that a solarian can manipulate a limited number of times per day to charge his solar weapon for a more powerful strike. When the t-quark crystal is active, the solar weapon is surrounded by a chaotic storm of particles, the spiraling results of the crystal's decay. T-quark crystals are available in least, minor, lesser, standard, greater, and true varieties.

T-quark crystal, least2750+1Variant boost 1d3 (2/day)ARM p.49
T-quark crystal, lesser76950+1d4Variant boost 2d4 (3/day)ARM p.49
T-quark crystal, standard1345000+1d12Variant boost 2d6 (4/day)ARM p.49
T-quark crystal, greater16175000+3d6Variant boost 3d6 (5/day)ARM p.49
T-quark crystal, true20750000+6d6Variant boost 6d6 (5/day)ARM p.49

Variant Boost

A weapon with the variant boost special property acts as a weapon with the boost special property (Core Rulebook 181), except boosting the weapon does not expend additional charges and the weapon can be boosted only the listed number of times per day.

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