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Ereus Teletech

Starfinder Armory p.56

Ereus Teletech arose from a lashunta collective on Asana, but the company’s market has expanded to include shirrens, formians, and other telepaths, as well as non-telepaths who want psychic tech. The company makes ranged weapons and powered melee weapons fitted with psychic modifications. Each Ereus weapon includes a security lock that disables the weapon unless it detects the registered user’s specific psychic signature.
This technology isn’t foolproof, but tricking or removing it is difficult. Spoofing another creature’s psychic signature is possible, requiring telepathy that could communicate with the intended user and a successful Bluff check (DC = 15 + 1-1/2 × the weapon’s item level). This spoofing must occur each time the item is activated. The telepathic security lock can be removed, but doing so requires an Engineering check to disable the weapon (which is treated as a complex device). Because the Ereus lock is integrated systemically, a disabled weapon is broken and must be repaired to be of any further use.
Ereus products cost 10% more than normal.

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