The Hidden Truth

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VitariTech Industries

Starfinder Armory p.57

An Akiton-based corporation, VitariTech hasn’t disclosed all the components used to make its weapons, causing some principled buyers to choose other makers. Those who are more interested in taking down their foes than possible ethical implications find the weapons to be attractive, since they can inflict lasting inherent harm to their targets. All VitariTech weapons have a special disruption critical hit effect that disrupts magical healing. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, you choose whether to apply the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or the disruption effect each time. A creature subjected to this effect must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or magic that restores Hit Points is only half as effective for the creature until it finishes an uninterrupted 8-hour rest, or is administered first aid with a successful Medicine check. A VitariTech weapon is a hybrid item and costs 30% more than normal.

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