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Akashic Revival

Starfinder Adventure Path #23: Hive of Minds (Attack of the Swarm! 5 of 6) p.50

Level Mystic 6; Witchwarper 6
School necromancy
Casting Time 1 hour
Range personal
Duration 24 hours
You create perfect documentation of your physical body in the Akashic Record at the time the spell is cast, allowing you to later recall this record and reconstruct your body as it was when you cast this spell. The record of your body includes your current Stamina Points, Hit Points, augmentations, physical ability scores, and any enduring negative physical states (including ability damage or drain to physical ability scores, disease, negative levels, poison, and so on). Any effect that was affecting you when you cast this spell to store your record continues with its normal duration, so that effect might expire between the time you store your record and when you later recall it.
To recall your record, either you must die due to events other than old age or, if you are at 0 Hit Points, you can instead allow your body to perish by spending 3 Resolve Points. If either of these things occurs, you can claim your record as your new physical body at the start of your next turn. Your corpse disappears. Then, you instantly reappear, standing in your recorded body in the corpse's space and wearing your gear. If you cannot appear in that space, you appear as close to it as you can. You retain your mind as it was at the time of your body's death, so you regain no expended spells, Resolve Points, or uses of special abilities. Any mental effects affecting you or mental ability damage present at the time of your death persist in your new body.
Casting this spell again replaces any previous record of yourself with a new one—you can store only one copy of yourself in the Akashic Record.

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