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Battle Junkbot

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.341

Level Technomancer 6
School transmutation
Casting Time 1 round
Range touch
Targets at least 1 bulk of inert electronic equipment; see text
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

You turn a pile of technological junk into a vicious robot that can hunt down and attack your enemies.
You must target inert, nonworking electronic equipment of at least 1 bulk. Valid targets include a large broken computer system, nonworking or unconnected computer or robot parts, a destroyed robot or another such trashed mechanical system, or any related electronic components or combination of the above as long as the junk is found in a large enough quantity. Creating a battle junkbot also requires one ultra-capacity battery. Casting this spell drains all of the battery's charges.
While casting this spell, you use your magic and technological know-how to rearrange the junked parts and infuse them with aggression and martial skills. A battle junkbot is Small, its KAC and EAC are each equal to 15 + your technomancer level, it has hardness 15, and it has a number of Hit Points equal to half of your own (but no Stamina Points). It uses your saving throw bonuses when it is the target of spells and other targeted effects. It has a land speed of 30 feet and a fly speed of 15 feet with average maneuverability. For purposes of spells and effects that target the junkbot, it is treated as a construct with the magical and technological subtypes.
The battle junkbot has four hands. It is treated as if it had the Deadly Aim and Improved Combat Maneuver (Bull Rush, Grapple, Trip) feats. It has an attack bonus equal to 6 + your technomancer level; in one hand it wields a special buzzblade dagger that deals 6d8+6 damage instead of its normal damage, and a second hand carries a special light laser pistol that deals 6d6 damage instead of its normal damage. Damage from the junkbot's special weapons counts as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
You can give new basic commands to your battle junkbot telepathically on your turn as a move action, and the junkbot can take actions as if it were a normal creature. You are aware when the robot has made an attack or combat maneuver and whether or not it was successful, as well as when the battle junkbot has been attacked, has taken damage, or is destroyed, but you can perceive nothing else through this basic telepathic link.
When the battle junkbot is destroyed or this spell ends, the electronic equipment you used to create the junkbot falls apart into refuse, its circuitry fried beyond anything recognizable. You cannot use this refuse as a target to create another junkbot.

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